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friday night cramwork.

friday night cramwork.


As far as i could remember, my earliest memory is when I was inside the taxi, rotating the handle of the window. My mother told me that that is the same day when I got an accident, that led me to the hospital.
My most highlighted memory is when I was hiding at the stairs, crying for my sisters won’t allow me to get out of the house.

What you are today will tell who you will be tomorrow.

FIrst Day

This is my the first time to write on this site; and might also be my last. Many events are preventing me to do what I want to.
I just want to narrate how’s the day a while ago.

I woke up at 4am( Actually by my father), ate my breakfast, took a bath, and so on. Basing upon my lifestyle , being the so-called GC in the classroom,; life is just a cycle this day.I have to travel once more in my life for four hours.

I rode on a tricycle, and waited within thirty minutes, this time it was maddening since I am living in a bucolic village, yet the traffic jam transpires. My anger rises when I found out that the road is being constructed. How poor barangay! I have already anticipated what would it look like for another ten years. Like a squashed cake— leaving several accidents per year.

Ah, five more minutes, and it was over. I get off the steel engine, and went near the old bridge. I heard blasphemes on one jeep, arguments on the other; so I didn’t get in, also for the reason that both are full. It was still dark, but I felt anxious since I had to get to Intramuros before my finals grade in PE became 5:00. We would have a practice.

Five jeeps passed— all of them are full. So I decided to fill in the hiatus where the passengers could walk when they had to get off. I uttered syllogistic words, and one came. 
I went to Tejero where the bus terminals are located. Finally, there is one left. At the time I saw two colors- green and red; I became worried since that already gave me an idea that that’s busline involved on accidents at NLEX recently. I heard rumors that this company is corrupted, that is why many problems arise on their work. There was a time when it stopped at the middle of the seashore on late nine; I was so mad at the driver— he didn’t gave a refund for my fifty pesos- fare.
But this time, everything seemed alright. I sat near the rear of the bus, and started to pray. It was my ritual whenever i travel alone. Man was seated beside me, and he got a bit annoyed because he (might be) is rubbing his arms next t mine. But anyways, It’s fine. He got out earlier than I did.
I was two hours inside the bus. 

I looked at the watch. Six-thirty. My goodness, I might’ve been late. That means, I might receive a five in the final exam! Feeling very fearful, I hurried walking at Manila city hall to catch up the jeepneys , but first I got past through  the underpass. As usual, I saw stacked garbage at the side, which is really awful to once it diffuse. There, I got company: men and women in uniforms also looked irritated , and waiting for the jeep going to Round Table to arrive. It has been ten minutes while we are waiting; hoping, but to no avail. We became deaf on the dispatcher located about a meter away from us, telling to get in there so we could go. 
convinced with the late-aged man, we get in.
I got off, and saw no other person familiar to me. I already knew they would do it to me. It’s the eighth time I was the only one who attended the meeting, and went home enraged.

"Prepare yourselves, you might not want to see me when I’m angry,"  I told to myself.

Cavite—-Seeing through the panoramic view of gorges while riding on a bus traversing the road of Kawit, I suddenly felt something weird while she is capturing.

Cavite—-Seeing through the panoramic view of gorges while riding on a bus traversing the road of Kawit, I suddenly felt something weird while she is capturing.